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Witold Vandenbroeck - Schilderijen

Witold’s main inspiration lies in the relationship between us and our surroundings and how this relationship impacts our capacity to perceive, act in and think about the landscape around us and ourselves. The act of painting itself is, for him, a way to explore and nourish this connection since the engagement with its stubborn matter and the resulting friction forces one to be sensitive to what wants to happen, to leave behind preconceived ideas and ambitions and try to embrace the resistance of the material; to enter the forward motion of the work’s ongoing generation. This is a state of being that lingers and slowly infiltrates all aspects of life. From this intuitive way of working, a constellation of archetypes such as volcanoes, arteries, stones, and pottery has emerged which are continuously forming new connections and combinations. The paintings, thus, do not stand alone but instead form a long chain of impressions, with one flowing into the next. It is here, between one impression and the other, in this sequence experienced by the viewer, that their ‘meaning’ develops.

Witold Vandenbroeck (Leuven, °1994) graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2021 with a master’s degree in Painting, and holds a master’s degree in civil engineering and architecture from the KULeuven. In the past two years, he has co-founded the FAAR collective and continues to develop his painting practice. His works have been featured in various exhibitions and fairs in Brussels, Antwerp, and Leuven. He lives and works in Antwerp.

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